vrijdag 31 december 2010


Little town , cold , snow , some wool and happiness ,everything you need 
xoxo , Pretty in Pink 

woensdag 29 december 2010

Surprise Party

My friends and sister threw me a surprise party for my birthday. I can't thank them enough ! 
xoxo , Pretty in Pink

zondag 19 december 2010

Emma Watson haircut

Eleven Paris

My nailpolish collection


My precious <3
xoxo, Pretty in Pink

Having fun with my sisters' boyfriend :)

Ibiza 2010 with Micka ! :)

My russian friend

Alice and I at the beach , Knokke <3

DJ Kill Frenzy

Best dj in the world ,my half brother <3 

Saturday Evening

Saturday evening , everyone is having a party ,I'm having my own party ;) 
xoxo , Pretty in Pink

Best View Ever


I love snow ! And I love the view I have when I look out of my window ! <3      
xoxo , Pretty in Pink

Little J.

This is one of my pictures from my Little J. shoot. People say i really do look like her on this pictures ! 

This is my dog during the shoot with a Vintage Moschino bag covering his .... ;) 
xoxo Pretty in Pink

Best Friend

I decided the first picture on my blog should mean something. That's why I put a picture of my best friend. I think it's very nice and deep. Iloveyou alicia <3
xoxo , Pretty in Pink